10 Emma Chamberlain House Tour Interior Design Tips and Aesthetic Dupes

By now, you’ve probably seen Emma Chamberlain’s house tour that invites fans into an aesthetically pleasing space that’s somehow beyond your dreamiest Pinterest board. In Chamberlain’s viral video home visit with Architectural Summary, the star gracefully blends thoughtful style to create a home that feels serene, playful and like an extension of herself – and fans feel major inspiration from her colorful taste and unique perspective, especially against the white house trends that other influencers tend to search for. In her walk, Chamberlain drops pointers to her decorating choices and explains the intentions behind them, so obviously I took notes. Here are the best interior design tips from the Emma Chamberlain Home Tour from the video, plus some affordable dupes you can copy for your own space.

A few minutes after the broadcast of the video, accompanied by a jaw-dropping Instagram post from Chamberlain, fans were enthusiastic about his dreamy interiors and replicated them themselves. What’s so satisfying about her home is that even though it’s vastly different in size and luxury furnishings, it still feels down to earth and approachable. It gives a homey feel by using warm textures and pretty colors that aren’t too stimulating. “I love how everything works together without being too matchy-matchy” interior design and creative @tehillah.decor commented on TikTok. “I love mid-century modern, but his personal flair is icing on the cake.”

A home this beautiful was of course met with a little comedic jealousy online, as Gen Z viewers joked on Twitter and ICT Tac that they “should have picked up this vlog camera in 2015”. While her design team had a big budget, users find it satisfying to see her spend her money so intentionally. For example, Chamberlain’s vintage finds on Etsy and his own father’s paintings make his decorations functional, not just aesthetic. Focusing on pieces that spark joy, she furnishes her home as a safe and happy place to relax and feel inspired. For example, she sets aside her watercolors and her drums to encourage herself to make meaningful use of space.

Chamberlain’s home design shows how you can really incorporate your interests into interior design and get creative to make your home a fun place to be. Her whole approach is pretty much summed up in a quote she said in her green marble kitchen: “Who makes the rules? Me.” Here’s how you can get inspired by the best design tips from Emma Chamberlain’s home tour and decorating dupes.

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1. Take inspiration from Chamberlain’s green kitchen

Create an eye-catching backsplash

Add a pop of color with an accent wall

2. Create a home coffee station

It wouldn’t be Chamberlain’s home without a coffee station that represents his own brand “Chamberlain Coffee”. If you follow her, chances are you are also a coffee enthusiast and enjoy being your own barista at home. You can create your own coffee station with organizers and kitsch decor to energize your morning ritual.

Prepare your Barista tools

Make it fun with quirky cafe decor

3. Go for an artistic version of a chandelier

A standout piece of decor in Chamberlain’s dining room is its super modern chandelier that looks like an art installation. Instead of the more common crystal and brass sculpture, his fixtures hang like globes of light bulbs on large chains (what TikTok sleuths uncovered has a price of $30,000). Chamberlain says she never really liked chandeliers until she found a non-traditional version that really grounded the room in a playful, contemporary energy. You can replicate that same vibe for much less with creative lighting from Etsy or Amazon.

Make a creative light the centerpiece of your room

4. Incorporate eras past with vintage tableware and accessories

As Chamberlain toured her kitchen and bar, she pointed to vintage accessories and tableware she sourced on Etsy, which is an easy site to find an abundance of unique knick-knacks to introduce styles from different decades into a modern space. “I feel like my style, with clothes and home, is a mix of everything I love from any era, and it all makes sense together,” she said. declared.

Collect the bar glasses from “Parties Past”

Search Rare Mid-Century Kitchen Canisters Online

5. Decorate with your personality in mind

Chamberlain’s personality also shines through in his playful decorative pieces, such as his “Napoleon Dynamite “tiger” bedding. She explained that the peanut butter portrait in her living room takes her back to childhood. Meanwhile, she said the silly dog ​​paintings “have a personality in a way that I rarely feel when looking at art.” If you come across decor that looks a bit off-the-wall but resonates with you happily, definitely pick it up for your space instead of something that just feels trendy.

6. Create Texture with Cool Wallpaper and Sticky Marble

Emma’s vintage and modern home feels earthy and grounded because it uses lots of natural elements throughout the space. From several types of marble, banana bark wallpaper, cork ceilings and handcrafted tiles. Installing heavy slabs of amber marble in your shower will definitely strain your wallet, so opt for marble peel and stick wallpaper and countertop stickers instead. You can also find organic looking wallpaper on Etsy for that unique 3D texture you’ve seen in it”Flintstones bathroom.”

Make your bathroom luxurious

Add intrigue to your walls

7. Make your living space a fun place

A huge takeaway from Emma’s home is that she uses her personality to inform her style choices in her living space. Your home should be designed specifically for you to live, learn and grow in, so it should feel like an extension of yourself. Emma accomplishes this by doubling up on her interests as decor, such as using her shiny battery as a centerpiece, arranging books and her set of watercolors, and keeping her favorite sweater vests on a clothes rack in her closet. You can do this too, whether with your own instrument, record player or art easel.

Show your style as decor

Store books, cameras, art supplies and more on a statement shelf.

8. Display artwork made by loved ones

As Chamberlain shows us around her home, she points to all of her father’s paintings that are on display, whether in the entryway, the mantle, or mixed up in a gallery wall. If you have artist relatives, you can honor your favorite pieces by them in your home. Not only will it be a unique decor that no one else has, but it will also make it look like your artistic best friend is present in your space every time you admire their work. And don’t be afraid to hang up a masterpiece you’ve made (even if it’s paint-by-numbers).

9. Find stylish alternatives to drab home items that “add to the space”

One of Chamberlain’s most notable decorating tips she shared is to find versions of boring household items that actually add personality to the space. For example, you can replicate the modern-looking Lucite ladder in her dream closet with a cheaper version, or update your WFH space with a laptop like the one Chamberlain keeps next to her bed when she save it. everything is fine podcast. You can store books, stationery and technology conveniently in the side basket and rest your hot cup of coffee on the tray for lazy homework days.

This modern looking transparent ladder is a dupe of Emma

Invest in your WFH setup with a wicker desk

10. Improve your OOTD photos with the right mirror

Unsurprisingly, Chamberlain’s closet is goals, especially on his fashionable and very expensive Ultrafragola mirror. She shared that her full-length mirror is another example of her swapping out a typical-looking item for something cooler. You don’t have to shell out thousands for the exact one she has, and you can find much cheaper options that bring the same vibe, like this black curved floor mirror from Etsy. After successfully doing this, your wardrobe and fit photos will look so much cuter.

Frame your reflection with a cool trim

Add whimsy to your glamorous bedroom

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