20 Aesthetic Fall Wallpapers For Your iPhone This Spooky Season

As we begin to enter the chillier end of the year, we’ve rounded up some of the cutest fall-themed wallpapers and backgrounds so you can nail the season’s aesthetic. leafy on your iPhone this fall.

Every year, the hardest thing to come to terms with is the end of summer. It’s like, to us at least, you’ve been waiting what seems like an eternity for this to happen, just for it to end faster than any of the other seasons.

And while we may not be able to bring back summer, there’s nothing wrong with looking forward to the next fall season.

While it might be a little cooler, there’s definitely something nice about curling up under a blanket, maybe with a pumpkin spice latte, and staying warm while the nights arrive.

So, in order to celebrate the return of the fall season, we’ve tried to round up some of the best iPhone wallpapers and backgrounds to help you get rid of your summery background and showcase the fall aesthetic.

This guy below has the right idea!

DISCLAIMER: HITC does not claim to own any of the artwork shown, but rather we are reposting the Tweets below simply to provide inspiration.

The Best Fall Aesthetic iPhone Wallpapers

What do you immediately think of when you think of the fall? Leaves on the ground? Thanksgiving? Pumpkins? You can categorize the following backgrounds as iPhone wallpapers that simply include the essence of autumn.

Here are some of our fundamentally favorite fall background ideas, starting with this gorgeous orange and green themed wallpaper:

Next, a slightly darker take on the fall aesthetic:

This user absolutely nailed the color scheme:

Another gorgeous fall backdrop:

And a collection of minimalist background ideas that subtly nail the fall wallpaper game:

Cute Halloween Aesthetic Autumn Wallpapers

Of course, how can we talk about autumn and not talk about Halloween? Of all the holidays, Halloween has arguably the coolest vibe – who wouldn’t want a Halloween-themed iPhone wallpaper?

Here are our favorite spooky background ideas:

The cutest pet-themed fall backgrounds

This one needs no explanation. Here are the cutest fall background ideas that show various adorable cats and dogs enjoying the leafy season:

Completely Random Fall Background Ideas

Of course, not every wallpaper has to fit the classic fall aesthetic. From Animal Crossing homages to Breaking Bad, here are some of the most random fall wallpapers we’ve found:

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