Rate this post Although it might seem that credit cards are very similar because they have a line of credit and commissions and interest, they really are not.

There are multiple types of credit card that we can identify thanks to the different characteristics they have , some similar to each other and others completely opposite. Depending on your income level and above all, your credit history you can obtain various benefits from each type of card.

On this occasion, we will enrich the types of cards you will find in Mexico and the benefits that each one has.

Credit cards are not only distinguished by the color of their plastic but by a series of factors that has to do with:Credit cards are not only distinguished by the color of their plastic but by a series of factors that has to do with:

  • The amount of the credit line
  • The interest rate
  • Annuity
  • The reward programs they own
  • The way it is authorized by the bank

Within the most general categories we can find:


  • Gold Credit Card

They offer rewards and insurance coverage, which makes it a facilitator in several ways . However, it requires a level of income from $ 7,50000 to $ 40,000. This standard varies depending on the bank.


  • Classic Credit Card

They are the most requested precisely because they are the most accessible. Its advantages are very basic and interest rates are very high , since the level of income of the applicant is very risky for the bank.

Take into account that to acquire it you only need to have an amount of incoming money that goes from $ 5,000 to $ 10,000 pesos.


  • Platinum credit card

Previously they represented the most valuable but lost that relevance today. They have low interest rates, attractive rewards. However, your income should be between $ 25,000 to $ 80,000.

  • Premium Credit Card

They are credit cards that are only offered in the special case of making an invitation to a profitable customer. The purpose is to guarantee consumer loyalty by granting a plastic with superior characteristics.


Low cost credit card

Low cost credit card

These types of cards are facilitators in our day to day and allow you to have a healthy financial relationship with the bank. So you are preparing your credit history without having to owe money. You will also have the facility to pay more than the minimum of your cards, or pay off your bills in full.

  • Credit cards without commissions: Nothing. Nor for additional cards, overdrafts, among other things.
  • Credit cards without annuity: One option is that this commission does not exist on the credit card. The other option is to simply exonerate your annual payment for being a loyal customer or for using plastic frequently.
  • Low-rate credit cards: use this card if you are the type of person who wants to pay for your purchases in installments. Notice that it covers promotions of months without interest.

Not because you have low income you have to be excluded from owning a plastic to spend. For first timers there are also types of credit card. You can find for university students, TDC without credit history , without proof of income and those who do not register in the Credit Bureau Find the one that suits you best!


In conclusion

In conclusion

Credit cards are a very useful means to scale levels in the financial field. It is true that by saving you can also get things done, but not at the same time when comparing it with a TDC.

Build good relationships with your bank! Acquire one of the types of credit card that suits you best and generally begins a splendid credit history .