Last December, BMW Motorrad decided to reconnect with small engines by producing the BMW G310R. Menue, this BMW wins just as well as handling as well as stability. Whether on the highway or in built-up areas, driving this two-wheel drive will always be a pleasure. Pleasure increased by the attractive price of this new toy. Find out how to finance it with Good Finance.

Design and comfort

First of all, the unusual architecture of the engine, slightly inclined towards the rear, advances and lowers the center of gravity of the BMW G310R, accentuating in addition its stability. Then, because of its small size, this bike is suitable for both men and women: its original seat is 785 mm from the ground, but can be lowered to 760 mm or increased to 815 mm depending on your size. Your gluteal will appreciate the standard saddle, offering soft comfort. Moreover, its weight of 158 kg (all completed) will delight and reassure the most novice bikers.

Power and maneuverability

Because of its lightness, and despite its small 313cc 4-stroke single-cylinder engine, this BMW G310R roadster (a category in which motorcycles want to be lightweight, maneuverable and with strong sensations) offers a certain amount of power. Thanks to this one, it is quite possible to drive in sixth gear at 3,000 rpm as to shoot a little more and go up to 10,000 rpm. Thanks to this, it can reach a top speed of about 150 km / h.

More than attractive price

$ 4,950. A big first! This is the net price, without any options besides the perfectly calibrated ABS, eternal trademark of BMW since 2013. This last one guarantees your stability on the motorcycle. However, it is possible to add, in concession, some accessories, such as heated handles, LED turn signals and various saddles.

An interesting motorcycle loan

It is possible to buy a motorcycle, especially at such an attractive price. However, biker, you know the dangers of both wheels! That’s why it is imperative to equip you well. Promote equipment of very good quality, even if you put the price.

But buying the necessary protections can be very expensive. It is therefore interesting to take out a loan of 110% or 120%, so that you can also cover the costs of equipment, insurance and other expenses.