6 aesthetic summer manicures that are the breakthrough of the overrated ones

It’s always a good time to get your nails done. Girls love each other a perfect manicure. Those perfectly shaped nails, painted with the most beautiful colors and topped with intricate designs are what dreams are made of. Getting your nails done is the perfect kind of self-care. Take some time for yourself, book your appointment at the salon, discover some aesthetic inspirations for nail art and get started! Here are some summer manicure ideas you need for this summer season. I’ll be right back, see you soon after my personal care session!

1) Feel peachy

I brought these peaches back to Georgia, who is this chick? said JB. But hey, you’ll have all those peaches at your fingertips. This super cute manicure in orange and yellow tones is the best vibe for summer. The soft tones and simple designs are super easy to mimic and will keep you looking as fresh as they look!

2) The French way

French tips are an all-time classic. French tips can never go out of style and there are so many things you can do, so many colors, so many designs and so many styles to play with. These brightly colored spikes are cute and classic and go perfectly with the summer vibe.

3) Anything floral

Color is the biggest win for summers. It adds a pop to your dull, hot days and adds the perfect pop. The flowers are cute with soft pastel hues that will break up the monotony. These nails are so cute and I can’t get enough of the shades and patterns.

4) Swirl-Yo

These nails are so cute, it’s almost too hard not to run to the salon and get them. Swirls and light shimmering gold lines add the much-needed bling. Graphic lines, pastels and simple patterns look great and make your nails pop.

5) We love it

Hearts everywhere! Love everywhere! Shine all the way! The sun shouldn’t be the only thing shining this summer, it can also be your new manicure. This blingy silver manicure with cute little ‘Comme Des Garcon’ hearts literally has my heart set on it. While most people wear their hearts on their sleeve this summer, you have yours shining on your nails.

6) I have the “evil eye” on me

I always found Evil Eye manicures clichéd and overrated until I came across this one. This one isn’t like the millions of manicures we see all over the gram. These nails are cute, colorful, aesthetic and perfectly retain the evil eye vibe without losing the summery accent. These are definitely my favorites on the list.

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