Art education experimental exhibition launched in China’s porcelain capital

The exhibition Photo: Courtesy of CAFA

A new exhibition that aims to explore the development of experimental art education in China kicked off in China’s porcelain capital Jingdezhen in east China’s Jiangxi Province on Tuesday.

the New youth exhibition at Ceramic Art Avenue – Taoxichuan in Jingdezhen is a documentary exhibition that is similar to a survey of young emerging artists in China.

It focuses on the creative and entrepreneurial career developments of a particular group of experimental art students after they graduate and enter society.

“Experimental artists do a lot of things, like me, I do artistic short films and public art installations for commercial organizations,” Chen Manting, an experimental artist told the Global Times.

A total of 108 works are exhibited during the show. Additionally, a literature exhibit also showcases typical teaching outlines used in experimental art classes at colleges and universities across the country. These 18 excellent examples of experimental art courses form an important part of the exhibition.

“Experimental art, like the school of oil sculpture, can be very different from fine art. Experimental art is closely linked to social changes, multimedia interpretations and unexpected artistic expressions in the artistic context current,” Chen noted.

“As a student of this art form, I think this exhibit will help more people better understand what experimental artists do,” he added.

the New youth The exhibition was curated by Qiu Zhijie, director of the School of Experimental Art, and jointly organized by the Central Academy of Fine Arts and Jingdezhen University of Ceramics.

The exhibition is held in conjunction with the 3rd Chinese Experimental Art Teaching Conference.

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