Chennai-based VA gallery launches with collection of eclectic arts, crafts and home decor options




A bouquet of delicate crumpled ceramic flowers is scattered over a wall piece, making it an eclectic art. Just as we marvel at creativity and finesse, our eyes discover a range of daring tribal jewelry that reflects a Balinese ethic adorning the mantle. In Varuna Arvind’s eponymous new gallery, prepare for an awe-inspiring collection of exquisite interior design solutions, curated through her travels and passion for indigenous art.

Varuna Arvind
Varuna Arvind

Varuna and her husband Arvind Rangan have run an architectural firm for three decades. “We have traveled a lot to satisfy the aesthetic needs of our clients,” admits the interior designer, referring to his trips to China, Bali, Indonesia and Italy – before confinement, of course. In fact, his attention to detail was so sought after that four years ago Varuna started creating a collection of his favorites and found that his customers loved the idea of ​​choosing artifacts from his personal choices. This ultimately led to the establishment of the VA gallery in Kotturpuram where we find ourselves browsing through halls of curious finds that include art, furniture, crafts, and photography. “In fact, all the photographs exhibited on the opening day (a fortnight ago) by amateurs were out of print,” Varuna shares. She further adds how deeply she is fascinated by the work of ceramist Priya Sundaravalli d’Au rov ille, who is known for her handmade creations (without using the potter’s wheel) and who gained popularity when its installation was set up at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Bombay.

Ceramic wall art

VA Gallery has also made room for artist Adil Writer and his line of truly intriguing sentinel rooms and secret boxes. Bold and contemporary, the irregular and asymmetrical lines surprise with hidden crevices for little treasures. Also look for the vintage and intricate work of Master’s Loft which celebrates heritage with wooden temple carving stands using wood dust, resin, metal and panchaloha. “I intend to use this space for such collaborations – where artisan and community work will always find a home.” Forming a strong family team where her husband is the architect and her son a product designer, Varuna tells us that when she chooses a project, she likes to “finish” it properly, from the shell to the decor and all the little ones. details. “It’s not just about finishing the walls, floors and furniture. From the linens and accessories, I even want to organize the tea coasters, the bedside lamp and add that dramatic wall art too. I like to tie it all in a pretty knot! concludes Varuna.

In Kotturpuram.

Mark the date

Promising a plethora of events, Varuna tells us that VA Gallery hopes to be a platform for creative ideas and new talent.

â–  The Green Thumb Society was launched this month and will be presenting the Kokedama workshop to us.

â–  In May, they announced a collaboration with a design-oriented stationery brand.

â–  In July, expect a thematic exhibition of four photographers.


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