DepEd, partner of the NCCA for the training of teachers in arts education

APPROXIMATELY 340 educators from across the country are gathered in Bacolod City for a six-day arts education training August 1-6 at the University of Saint La Salle (USLS).

Deputy Executive Director of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, Marichu Tellano (front row, fifth from left) with participants from the “Husay Sining” managers class. The Arts Education Teacher Training is taking place at Saint La Salle University in Bacolod City from August 1-6, 2022. NCCA PHOTO

Dubbed ‘Husay Sining’, the Special Arts Program (SPA) teacher training focuses on music, creative writing, dance, visual arts, media arts and drama.

Superintendents, supervisors, and principals follow the manager class, as they are seen as implementers of the program in their respective schools.

“This ‘Husay Sining’ is actually a take off from the training we had in 2019 called ‘Sanay Guro’. The Department of Education (DepEd) coordinated with us at the National Commission for Culture and arts (NCCA) for module alignment,” said National Commission for Culture and the Arts Deputy Executive Director Marichu Tellano.

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Arts-inclined students shouldn’t feel inferior to those good at science and math because they are just as good at their passion or choices, she added.

Tellano is a chemical engineer by profession but has taken the opportunity to follow her heart’s desire since joining NCCA 22 years ago.

She said her math background and education as an engineer helped her think critically about plans and programs as an executive of the NCCA on administration and support services.

Sevieh Hamoy (left) and Dexter Cequiña PHOTO BY ARLO CUSTODIO

Sevieh Hamoy (left) and Dexter Cequiña PHOTO BY ARLO CUSTODIO

Meanwhile, Tanya Lopez, artistic director and founder of The Performance Laboratory and director of USLS The Artists’ Hub, said the pandemic was a blessing in disguise for the program.

“‘Sanay Guro’ participants and other interested mentors requested materials on the training but we were unable to give them immediately. As we cannot do another one like this in 2020 and 2021, we are We are focused on producing the materials, which are now accessible through the ‘Sanay Guro’ website and Facebook page,” she said.

While the first phase held in Baguio City was generic for teachers with over a thousand attendees, the second phase is specifically for teaching the arts while adhering to established health and safety protocols. against Covid-19.

“We sent out invitations to the headteachers and superintendents and they were the ones who chose the delegates for this year. If there hadn’t been a pandemic, the training was supposed to take place in March and October. We depending on the schedule set by DepEd as training lasts five days in a row,” Lopez explained.

Sevieh Hamoy, Principal of Zamboanga del Sur School of the Arts, was delighted to share that the NCCA is always there to help with cultural and arts education. They have 13 students under SPA and one, who is really good at music, is being trained to have a regular gig at a joint in Pagadian City.

Davao de Oro School Division Education Program Supervisor Dexter Cequiña said the SPA is well-appointed at the capital’s Nabunturan National Comprehensive High School. The collaborative efforts of teachers and students have earned the school awards and recognition at film festivals here and abroad.

The NCCA funds academic arts and culture programs across the country with a logistical counterpart from host institutions. For 2023 and beyond, Tellano said that with DepEd, more students and more mentors will be empowered in the choice and vocation they have chosen to build appreciation and advancement in the arts and culture. Filipino culture.

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