Discussion on the psychology of art and art education with Ellen Winner, Ph.D.

The Wellesley Society of Artists’ “Awakenings 2022” lecture program with psychologist Ellen Winner, PhD will take place on Wednesday, May 11 at 7 p.m. The conference is organized by the Wellesley Society of Artists in partnership with the Wellesley Free Library and funded by a grant from the Wellesley Cultural Council.

Dr. Ellen Winner, Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Boston College, specializes in the psychology of art. Having received his doctorate. in Developmental Psychology from Harvard University, his research focuses on cognition in the arts and the impact of arts education on the development of our thought habits.

The conference will focus on the findings of psychologists on how we value works of art, as discussed in his book How Art Works: A Psychological Explorationas well as the tumultuous history of arts education in the United States, the subject of his new book: An Uncomfortable Guest at School: Art Education from the Colonial Era to a Promising Future.

This public lecture, “A Discussion of the Psychology of Art and Arts Education” will be beneficial for parents, educators, and students who wish to learn more about the impact of arts education on how we think, communicate and interact with the world. world through the unique habits of mind developed in studio art class.

The conference will take place both in person at the Wellesley Free Library and online. Registration is limited to 20 in-person guests and 100 online attendees. To participate in the program, prior registration is required for all participants via this link: https://wellesleyfreelibrary.libcal.com/event/9091649

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