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Home Improvement: 5 Quick Fixes to Update Your Interior Aesthetic

Whether you’re looking for a completely minimalist space or looking to completely revamp your space to more closely reflect your current tastes, it can seem like a somewhat overwhelming task at first.

Where to start ? Is it better to ditch your home design altogether and start from scratch? You’ll be happy to know that the answer is no.

Updating your home doesn’t have to be a quick and expensive process. It can be fun and creative, just like some would like their home to be. Follow along as we explore some simple tips for transforming your home into a space that reflects your current style.

bathroom operation

Our bathrooms can look like our hands: the first place we see aging. A classic 70s style bathroom, while charming, could do with a slight facelift to better reflect your current aesthetic interests.

And while it may seem like an expensive task to undertake, it really isn’t necessary. With a few simple fixes, your bathroom will be transported into the 21st century.

First, start with something simple and easy to change, like shower curtains. This bathroom staple can easily be changed to reflect your current tastes, or alternatively, to inject color into a clean, neutral space. It’s a fun way to update your bathroom without the need for major renovations.

Next, it’s time to check out your finishes, the parts of your bathroom that you might overlook on a day-to-day basis, but have the potential to really transform the feel of your space. Replace old faucets and fixtures with something a little more modern.

There is a wide variety available in the market to suit virtually any style preference. While you are finalizing these finishes, why not change the accessories that have made up your bathroom sink for several years?

Take the opportunity to restore pleasure and vitality to your bathroom. Opt for a vase in punchy jewel tones and a colorful mug to house your toothbrush.

If you want to bring out your DIY alter ego, redoing your bathroom is the advice for you. The sign of an aging bathroom is old grout, although it’s not immediately noticeable when you pay close attention to it, it can really lower the tone of the room, aging it unnecessarily. So get out that grout pen and get to work creating a neater space.

It’s all in the accessories

Interior style and dress style go hand in hand, both have very similar overlapping principles, and one of them is that to make or break your look, it’s all in the accessories. Just as a great handbag and the right jewelry can transform a simple outfit into an edgy masterpiece, the straight interior accessories can turn a stripped-down bedroom into a lesson in proper home design.

A great way to avoid feeling like unnecessary shopping is to find items that combine function and fashion. A good example of this is a new clock.

Clocks are a necessity in every home, so why not make them chic too? A quick search online will reveal that there are wall clocks to suit every design style, from minimalism to art deco. Your clock not only provides you with much needed functionality, but also acts as a standalone piece of design, it’s a win-win.

If you want to incorporate one thing of beauty that reveals another thing of beauty, then it’s time to update your mirror. A floor mirror gives the illusion of more space inside your home, while providing the much-needed function of helping you assess your chosen outfit for the day.

When we are young, we spend our time exchanging cards, or small toys, in order to accumulate an impressive collection. When you grow up, those collections are still there, it’s just that the toys have been replaced by other valuable pieces, like art. With this in mind, beautiful art will not only reflect your tastes, but also give a unique touch to the look of your home.

Artwork doesn’t have to be extremely expensive, with fun or perhaps meaningful prints from local designers being a popular choice for a unique piece of art that has great value. Expand your art collection by slowly filling your walls with bold pops of color or interesting visuals for an updated interior style that reflects your current tastes.

Apply a new coat of paint

If even after grouting if you fancy a project then why not undertake the task of repaint your house? Whatever color you choose, whether it’s a simple white paint or an eye-catching jewel tone, it will make a difference in the mood and overall look of your space. .

When you repaint your walls to be a fresh, shiny white, you rid them of old cracks and imperfections and literally create a blank canvas. The fresh revamp will give the home a minimalist and expensive look, and whether you choose to follow this style, or use it as a new page to throw your maximalist style on, is up to you.

If you choose to go for a bolder hue that is completely unique to you, you instantly upgrade your home in just one step. The bold tone reflects your tastes very seamlessly and makes an obvious change from a blank slate to your residence.

Think about the lighting

Picture this, you’re nestled in the corner of the couch, the television abuzz with your favorite TV show or movie, and the heat, golden glow from your floor lamp gently illuminates the surrounding area, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, that’s the power of good lighting.

Rid your home of the harsh, clinical white lighting that reminds you of a visit to the dentist or an unpleasant trip to the mall’s locker room, and opt for a softer, warmer bulb instead.

Overhead lighting isn’t the only change you can make to improve the lighting in your home. Opt for a variety of stylish floor or table lamps, to softly diffuse illumination throughout your space.

Clean up

A simple trick that will transform your space to a sometimes unrecognizable degree is to simply tidy up. It costs nothing and yet it can make all the difference in the comfort and overall style of your home. Instead of a cluttered and messy space, you’ll find a more neutral and minimalist look that commands attention.

Cleaning doesn’t just mean tidying up. This can be a time to examine the rooms in your home and decide what is worth keeping and what isn’t. Alternatively, you can also take notice of any particular styles that seem to keep cropping up, this helps solidify your tastes and prevents you from making unnecessary purchases in the future.

As we’ve shown, transforming your home to update the style doesn’t have to be an expensive and time-consuming process. Instead, it can be a time to reflect on your prevailing tastes and incorporate a few new pieces or finishes into your home to create a whole new feel.

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