How Arts Education Helps Students Develop Life Skills


Art helps improve student performance in the classroom and beyond

Traditionally, studying art has meant learning to paint or sculpt. Today, this field has taken on a broader perspective and, especially for students, engaging in art becomes a channel for expressing their thoughts, ideas and emotions. It provides them with a way to hone various skills. Several studies have suggested that it improves student performance in and beyond the classroom. The study of art can improve overall development in several ways:

Reinforced creativity: In recent years, creativity has taken center stage. Whatever the sector or operation, companies are looking for professionals capable of providing innovative solutions by combining their thinking and their original technical skills. When students learn art, they open their minds to creative thinking, learn to express themselves in different ways and styles, and offer new perspectives.

Encourages problem solving: In most art classes, students are presented with a general outline or abstract concept, and they are asked to come up with something specific. For example, in creative writing classes a script is presented. On this basis, students must develop characters that coexist but are differentiated. In sculpture classes, a block of clay is given, and they must create sculptures representing specific traits. Exposure to such challenges helps develop problem-solving ability. They learn to amylase every situation from a different perspective.

Improved communication skills: Expressing our thoughts clearly requires well-developed interpersonal skills. Art is a great way to express your ideas through your work. While studying art, students learn to get a message across. Their minds are not clouded by the multiplicity of ideas. Art students can easily isolate their thoughts, compartmentalize them and give them a voice without distorting the cardinal message. In today’s world, communication is the most sought-after skill. By encouraging a student to learn art, parents can help young people prepare for the future.

The writer is founder and CEO, The Designera


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