How to Participate in This TikTok Aesthetic Trend

Use the If I Was A trend to give your next TikTok a splash of color, glamour, and personality. Here’s how to create this new aesthetic TikTok trend.

A wave of color and inspiration swept TikTok FYP because of the latest If I Was A trend. These TikTok videos epitomize the art of portraying people’s personalities. It’s a fun and rewarding feeling that many don’t want to miss.

TikTok’s app is heavily relied upon when it comes to trending. Most TikTok trends use filters, such as the Instant Film filter during the Polaroid trend. Sometimes they rely on green screens or sounds found on the platform. Yet, many users rely on external apps to create their videos. CapCut is a video editing software on Android and iPhone devices that content creators commonly use. It allows users more versatility when trimming videos, perfect for trending If I Were A Trend.


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The first step when participating in the If I Was A ICT Tac tendency is to prepare questions and answers. The questions can be as many as wanted or necessary, but you have to ask “If I were A” and insert an aesthetic word or phrase. Like “If I were a color” or “If I were a season”. Once the questions have been prepared. It’s time to look for the answers. Go to Pinterest or a similar platform and save 24 photos as the answer to each question. For example, the question “If I were a color” could be answered with 24 images of bright yellow objects. One key thing to remember is to have 24 visuals for each question. So more questions also means more photos.

Assemble aesthetic video

Participating in the If I Was A trend is not like most other TikTok trends. Usually trending only depends on the application of TikTok, but If I Was A is unique because it requires CapCut or other video editing medium. Start by recording a TikTok with the sound of the song “Run Boy Run” by Woodkid. Now import this video into CapCut to extract the sound. In CapCut, use the extracted sound to create the video. Start by importing the first photo. The first photo with the caption “If I were A” should be 0.8 seconds long. Then import the 24 frames for the first question and cut them to 0.1 seconds. Then add a color background to the end of the 24 photos that match the visual style of the answers and set it to 0.9 seconds.

Once the first question has been compiled, it’s time to add the text. Start with the first image of the 24 photos and add the last word of the question. If the question is “If I were a color, then the word would be ‘Color.‘ Extend the length of the text on the 24 photos. Now head to the colored background and answer the question. However, this gets tricky because it has to match the sound. Add the first half of the response at the start and the second half after the disturbance. So for yellow it will start with ‘Yell’ and end with ‘Yellow.‘ Now rinse and repeat the steps for each question until the video is complete.

When uploading the final result to TikTok, remember to cover the sound of the video with the artist’s actual sound on TikTok. Artists must be credited for their songs to be used in the trend. Since the If I Were One trend is based on questions and answers, some creators find close people in their lives to participate, such as a husband, sister, or best friend. However, this need not be the case. If I were A is a great way to reflect self-identity. Use the hashtags #ifIwasa and #ifiwasatrend on ICT Tac to share.

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