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Young artist Disha Gandhi says, “The stories of Lord Krishna, Indian philosophy and nature were my inspiration to create these works.

Disha Gandhi, a 35-year-old artist from Mumbai, believes that an artist is a preacher and practitioner of one’s own thoughts who extracts meaning and deep insights from situations and experiences in a given environment. “I am one of those artists who was initially shy and reluctant to share his thought and visual ideas,” said Disha, a 2007 graduate of the JJ Institute of Art in Mumbai. Her love for art in as a full-time profession hit her. in 2016 when his fears dissipated and his reticences disappeared and visuals came out and since then there has been no looking back.
“I wanted to be an artist since childhood. I wanted to be good at art like my art teacher and I wanted to be like him. That’s how it all started,” she told Firstpost. Disha has been involved in various modern and traditional Indian art projects. The stories of Lord Krishna, Indian philosophy and nature were his inspiration to create these works. The experience of painting for me is so private and personal that spending quiet time in my own space has allowed me to explore and satisfy my creative soul,” she said. His serious creative art started in 2017, with a vision to provide custom artwork to niche clients among architects, interior designers and art lovers. This gave rise to a decade-old idea called mental landscapes, which she had conceptualized back in JJ’s time. Her work is currently on display at the India Art Festival (IAF), a contemporary art fair that is back after a nearly two-year hiatus due to the pandemic.

The event is taking place at the Constitution Club of India in New Delhi, from 7-10 April 2022. Marking the sixth edition of the annual festival, this year will see a collection of modern, contemporary and Indian art and sculpture traditional. artists, connecting galleries, dealers and buyers with artists, interior designers, architects and art connoisseurs. Talking about how the study of art and its importance, Disha says, “Indian art education needs to be enhanced through the use of technology. I have interacted with many students who come to the exhibition and their study method is the same as mine, which was 15 years ago. She feels that the technology has not yet been adapted to mainstream art education. His work is also exhibited at one of the current Milan fairs. For her, producing art is a way to satisfy the creative soul of an artist.

“My current work aligns with the demanding genre of geometric abstraction and the works are designed in two mediums: watercolor on paper and acrylic on canvas,” she added. Explaining more about the work she presented at the exhibition, she said, “I work with geometric elements based on our Indian philosophical thought. I exhibited watercolors on paper and an installation.” For Disha, art is something that comes from within and the most important aspect of art for her is aesthetics. Speaking of how whose younger generation connects with art, she said, “I think the new generation is very open-minded to new things. They are more accepting of new ideas and respect different thoughts. Fine art technology has entered in the form of NFT and young people are the ones using this platform. So, there is a vast field of action for young buyers and young artists.

Disha has recorded videos on various subjects to educate the general public about art, available on Youtube and Instagram. “My sole purpose in doing this is to create more art lovers and gradually convert them into art buyers because that’s the only way to support the artist and in some way preserve our culture,” she says.

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