NIU today | Kerry Freedman, arts education teacher wins National Ziegfeld Prize



Kerry Freedman, professor and former division chief of art and design education at the NIU School of Art and Design, is the 2019 recipient of the United States Society for Education Through Art (USSEA) Ziegfield Prize . The award is named in honor of Edwin Ziegfeld, a pioneer in arts education, one of the founders of the International Society for Education through Art and the first president of the National Arts Education Association.

Kerry Freedman

The Ziegfeld Prize is awarded annually to honor distinguished leaders who have made significant contributions to national and international fields of arts education.

Freedman has received many honors in her career, but for her, the Ziegfeld stands out. “I had other international recognition,” she says. “But this award has special meaning for me because it is the most prestigious American international award you can receive in the field of arts education.”

The award is a recognition of the recipient’s commitment to scholarship, leadership and service. Among these, leadership, and Freedman is one of the most published arts education scholars in the field. His publications have been influential; She has been active in arts education associations for many years and was editor-in-chief of the leading American research journal in the field, the National Art Education Association’s Studies in arts education.

His book, Teaching visual culture: curriculum, aesthetics and the social life of art is widely used and referenced nationally and internationally, and is now a basis for artistic content testing for teacher educators in Illinois. Recently, this book was translated into Mandarin with a grant from the Taiwanese government. Freedman’s works have been translated into seven languages.

Freedman’s latest service company is the Artistic Education Research Institute (AERI), which she co-founded with Donal O’Donoghue, professor of arts education at the University of British Columbia. AERI is a virtual institute composed of higher education teachers actively involved in the production of research and studies in visual arts education that takes a stand against racism, sexism, classism, ableism and other systems of oppression. The institute supports critical, systematic, empirical and theoretical research and scholarship that addresses key intellectual and practical questions in the field of arts education.

Freedman is currently co-chair of AERI with Jeffrey Broome, associate professor of arts education at Florida State University. The annual symposium has traditionally been held in the fall at NIU’s Naperville Center, but this year will be held in New York at Columbia University’s Teachers College, September 19-21.

It’s a perfect coincidence, as Edwin Ziegfeld taught art history at Teachers College for over 30 years.


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