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Yes, even houseplants need dressing. Aesthetic planters make all the difference when it comes to upping one’s home gardening game, and a change of pots can easily refresh the look of your cozy space when inspiration strikes.

Here we share a list of places where you can find eye-catching gems to beautify your baby plants. Quick Tip: Grow your plants in regular plastic pots instead of putting them straight into fancy planters. This way you can change them easily and keep your precious purchase clean.

Support local artists: Little Botany

It’s no secret that owner Fendi Sani is a huge supporter of local artists. In her nursery, you’ll find a whole range of macrame planters and beautiful pots in different sizes and shapes, and the artwork is all handmade by local designers like Syn Ceramic, Miss Potterin, Egg on Rice Pottery and Peace of Bake. . And watch out for Little Printing’s 3D printed biodegradable pots with Pokemon characters – they even have drainage holes.

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Ready to Gift: Tumbleweed Plants

Want the full package? Online retailer Tumbleweed Plants is well stocked with lush plant babies that have been re-potted in beautiful pots – perfect for gifting or as a treat for yourself. And if you’re only here for planters, expect to be wowed by their range of artistic pots, unique baskets, stands and more. For something that stands out from the crowd, don’t miss their premium range designed by Australian and Thai artists.

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Mix and match:

If you don’t have time to visit’s physical store, you can easily create your own “Plunt Combo” on their website. Their interactive mix and match feature will help you narrow down the dimensions you are looking for for your pots, followed by recommended plants and pot designs. With just a few clicks, you can view what your chosen plant will look like when paired with their range of suitable planters. Is it practical?

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Minimalist pleasures: Ikea

You can always count on Ikea to deliver in the aesthetics department. Aside from a small selection of common houseplants and live succulents for starters, the Swedish furniture company stocks just about every flower pot a minimalist could want – think terracotta, ceramic and plastic in neutral tones and subtle patterns that will blend effortlessly into any home. . And if you need a plant stand, you can always get creative with one of their carts.

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For rattan lovers: Island Living

Although Island Living is more of a lifestyle store, they have a nice (albeit limited) range of rattan planters that will add a touch of atas bohemian atmosphere to your plant corner. So if you wanted to turn heads for your larger plants, this might be the one for you. And if you want matching baskets, the chic handmade seagrass or the beaded ones have potential to add to the basket.

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For original creations: Potta Planta

Not into the regular, boring pots? Then the range of unique designs from online retailer Potta Planta will certainly win you over. From 3D cactus-shaped pots and animal-themed ones to unexpected creations with 3D noses and protruding lips, conversation starters sold by the local store are perfect for adding a quirky touch to your venue. And since you’ve started, grab some cat-shaped saucers on your way out as well.

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Fastest fingers first: Polkaros

It’s certainly not easy to score a handmade piece from the local lifestyle brand, especially when every batch sells out within minutes of release. Led by designer Ros Lee, her slow pottery is inspired by traditional Japanese craftsmanship and zakka, and each mini creation will make you want to squeeze her imaginary cheeks for being so adorable.

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Bargain Seekers: Taobao

If you’re not particularly mindful of the quality and craftsmanship of your pots, China’s online shopping platform is a treasure trove of wallet-friendly finds. Whether it’s adorable ceramic pieces for succulents or terrazzo pots for a fiddle fig tree – you name it, and Taobao probably has it. Tip: If Mandarin isn’t your strong suit, take a photo of a design you like, upload it to Taobao’s image search function, and let the algorithm work its magic.

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