Sick of your aesthetic? Try These Affordable Home Decor Updates

In my younger years, my decorating style could be described as obnoxiously colorful. As a child, I had free rein to decorate my room however I saw fit, so in middle school, I opted for a dark purple rug and lavender walls sponge-painted with metallic silver. In high school, I was aggressively into zebra print and did rugs with bedding, pillows, wall decor, and even switch plates in the pattern. All accented with a truly appalling lime green on all four walls. Clearly, my mother was an absolute saint with boundless patience.

Now, I like to believe that my aesthetic has evolved into a more refined form. I still love the color, but I’ve traded neon hues for jewel tones paired with lots of white. I’m more likely to go for solids than patterns, and would choose hardwood floors over carpet any day. All that to say that I’m no stranger to switching up aesthetics.

Whenever I’m ready for an update, I’m not one to throw everything away and start from scratch. I’m a firm believer in buying new furniture and decor when you want a different look. (Unless, of course, it’s all covered in zebra print. In which case, I’d recommend buying new items.) But if you just need to spruce up your decor a bit, these affordable updates will help you achieve this. new look.

1. Buy new pillows

Want to change your color palette? Start with your pillows. Especially if your space is mostly neutral, adding a few throw pillows in a cool color can completely change the look of the room. Pillows may be a small element in the overall design, but they can really set the mood.

2. Change your wall color

Fresh paint can have a truly transformative effect. The wall color sets the tone for everything else in the room, so whether you’re neutral, moody or bright, the right shade will make such a difference. A quick note to tenants, though: talk to your landlord first and be prepared to paint it back to its original color before you move out.

3. Get organized

Tired of your aesthetic or is your space too cluttered for you to appreciate? Organization is an underrated way to freshen up your home, and it can make all the difference in how you feel about space. Get rid of excess items that don’t fit your style or needs, and invest in aesthetically pleasing bins and baskets to store what you want to keep.

4. Add a mirror

Because they reflect light, mirrors can instantly make a room look bigger and brighter. Plus, they add a level of sophistication that your space might otherwise lack. Skip the hassle of hanging and lean one against the wall for an effortlessly chic look.

5. Rearrange your furniture

Sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective. Changing the layout of your furniture is one of the easiest ways to give your space a new look, and it literally costs nothing. Pull a side chair from your living room into your bedroom, swivel your couch to face a different direction, or flip your desk setup to face a window. Just moving certain things around can make a room totally different.

6. Cover surfaces with peel and stick tiles

If you’re looking to update your aesthetic quickly and affordably, peel and stick tiles are one of the best tricks in the book. There are so many color and pattern options that you really can apply them in minutes. Add a beautiful backsplash to your kitchen or cover a dull bathroom floor with a pretty pattern, all without worrying about the cost or mess of installing real tile.

7. Revamp old furniture

If you’re tired of that awful chest of drawers taking up space in your bedroom, try painting it! Updating old or used furniture and decor is a simple way to update your aesthetic, and it will only cost you the price of supplies and a few hours of labor. A new paint finish or an upholstery job can do wonders if you’re unhappy with the current look of a room.

8. Bring plants

Plants are the secret weapon that can take a room from bland to bright and full of life. Use greenery to accessorize a shelf, spruce up your bar cart, liven up your office space, or simply fill an empty corner. Not confident in your plant care skills? There are so many realistic fake plants that can give you the same effect.

9. Apply removable wallpaper

Wallpaper is having a serious moment right now, and it’s easier than ever to apply. The removable, self-adhesive type can be slapped on a wall in minutes, and it gives you the freedom to change your mind later if you want to change things up again. Even if you’re just using it on a feature wall, the fun pattern wallpaper can brighten up any room.

10. Change your lighting

Lighting is one of the most influential aspects of a room, but this interior design element is often overlooked. If your space isn’t as beautiful as you’d like, your lighting could be the problem. Overhead lighting is important, but also be sure to provide enough ambient light through lamps or sconces. Experiment with the brightness and color temperature of your bulbs until you get the look you want.

Source: @reserve_home

11. Trade your art

For an easy home decor update that only takes a few minutes, keep your frames but change the artwork. You can find tons of cheap art on sites like Etsy and Minted. To make it even cheaper, buy a digital download for a few dollars and print it yourself.

12. Add a cover

Furniture plays a huge role in the look and feel of your space, but buying brand new seats isn’t always possible if you’re looking for a quick and affordable change. Enter: covers. They offer a super easy way to spruce up dull or worn furniture with a whole new look. There are tons of sizes and fabric options available, so you can make that budget sofa or chair look a lot fancier than it actually is.

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