Strollers in the city of Kozhikode for an aesthetic makeover



Carts of different sizes and colors in the streets of Kozhikode are about to undergo an aesthetic makeover soon as part of the implementation of innovative rehabilitation programs for street traders as part of the National Means Mission urban livelihoods. The municipality invited the public to submit a suitable design for this purpose, which can truly reflect the commercial culture and heritage of the city.

According to Kudumbashree mission officials who coordinate the project under the direction of the municipality, designs can be submitted by any professional or amateur artist or by the general public before November 5. The project will give all the carts a uniform shape and color, they say.

The overhaul of conventional trolleys is also part of the ongoing urban beautification projects and the new sanitation protocol put in place by the town hall. In addition to helping ensure sustainable livelihoods for traders, their organized operations will also be made possible through such creative rearrangements in the conventional style of street trading.

Efforts are also underway to issue special identity cards to all cart vendors. Some of them have already received their legal exploitation card in authorized areas. Once the redesign process is completed, efforts will be made to identify special selling areas so that these traders can operate without disrupting the trade of other licensed traders in the main trading areas.

According to the city’s latest field survey report, there are 2,323 street traders in the city limit alone, including traders who use bunks and carts for their daily activities. All these unorganized traders will need to be issued with identity cards for trouble-free operations and to claim various government benefits.

In one of the previous investigations, the company had identified 2,036 street vendors of which 1,682 people had received special identity cards. The latest survey is a continuation of previous activities aimed at adding more eligible beneficiaries under future programs. The names of some of the ineligible candidates who entered previous lists were also removed in the latest survey.


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