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Weavers Village hosts three-day charity event for the weaving community in Chendamangalam

Weavers Village will organize a fundraising program to help the weavers of Chendamangalam, whose livelihoods are in tatters as recent floods destroyed their weaving units and took away most of their stocks and raw materials. According to Sobha Vishwanath, owner of the shop: “Looms are the only source of income for weavers. They need new looms to get back on their feet.

Sobha will launch on September 22 Bhoomika, used fabric dolls. The doll, designed by artist Deepak Shivarajan, symbolizes support for the weavers of Chendamangalam. The launch is followed by a musical performance by PS Baneerjee. Baneerjee will perform folk songs about rain and nature.

The fundraiser will also feature Rajeev Peethambaran’s sustainable clothing line, Anu Cheran’s handmade pottery, jewelry and home decor under the brand The Little Goldfish, a collection handpicked by Niram Neela. by Maanas Salim and a calligraphy exhibition by Prajwal Xavier on September 22. and 23.

According to Rajeev, his collection in earth colors, has cotton and hand-woven clothing with minimalist designs. “Some outfits have Bhutani details,” he says. While her line is primarily devoted to Western clothing, her designer sarees will also be on display.

Tea service of the small red fish of Anu Cheran

Anu, based in Thrissur, says her ceramic artwork has a “touch of Kerala, whether it’s jewelry or jars I made myself.”

City-based Niram Neela will showcase rare hand-crafted sarees, a variety of home decor products and a range of homemade skin products by Chennai-based Raw Earth.

Those who love calligraphy can seek out Prajwal, who specializes in Malayalam calligraphy. He will do on-site calligraphy for clients who want their names, favorite quotes and more on paper.

Calligraphy work by Prajwal Xavier

The Return is a collection of oil paintings by Aneesh Vini, based in Bengaluru. According to Aneesh, a Trivandrum Fine Arts College alumnus: “The lush vegetation of my youth is quickly fading. Through my paintings, I hope to encourage the young people of today to bring back such green landscapes. Anesh’s exhibition is September 24.

“The money raised during the event will be transferred to the weavers of Chendamangalam,” says Sobha.

The program from September 22 to September 24 is at the Village des Tisserands, Vazhuthacaud.


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