What is Addamscore? How to Get the Addamscore House Aesthetic

The Addams Family is back, thanks to a new spin-off series coming to Netflix called Wednesday. The eight-episode series is directed by famed dark Tim Burton (you probably know his name from films like The Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetlejuice or Edward Scissorhands) and will star Jenna Ortega as from Wednesday, Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia, Luis Guzmán as Gomez and Isaac Ordonez as Pugsley. Although the show won’t be released until this fall (the official date is yet to be determined), we can’t help but feel inspired by this dark and brooding return already.

There’s always been something charming and even a little sexy about the Addams Family aesthetic. Between Gomez’s perfectly tailored pinstripe suits and Morticia’s skin-tight black dresses (not to mention her enviable rose garden), this creepy, goofy family certainly has a penchant for style. And while the super dramatic, all-black, Victorian-inspired look might not be for everyone, there’s no denying there’s a certain air of gothic glamor to the Addams’ home.

We love that this aesthetic is completely unique to them – they wouldn’t be caught installing white subway tiles in their kitchen, and you certainly won’t find them on any coastal granny trains anytime soon or of the Barbiecore trend. Their commitment to their own look is undying and unwavering, and we must respect them for sticking to their chosen aesthetic even when it’s not considered “mainstream.”

With that in mind, we predict that Addamscore, an aesthetic inspired by the Addams Family, will be huge this fall. Victorian corsets and pinstripe designs graced the Fall 2022 runways this year (hello, Morticia and Gomez!). Brands like Valentino and Isabel funny even showcased gothic-inspired looks with dark lace, smooth leather, Wednesday Addams-approved dresses, witchy capes and dominatrix-style boots.

Libby Page, senior market writer for Net-a-Porter, said Who What to Wear“‘Black is back’ is a key theme we’ve invested in for Fall/Winter, which takes a much more simplistic approach to dressing following the ‘dopamine dressing’ trend that has dominated in recent seasons. We like the monochrome style for its elegance and charm.

You can hear your inner Miranda Priestly dreaming skeptically, “Black for fall? Revolutionary,” but this year the trend goes far beyond moody fall colors into more Halloween-like territory. For instance, Vogue Italy just released their September cover with Gigi Hadid rock a Frankenstein hairstyle bride and a decidedly Morticia Addams-esque black dress.

Beyond fashion and runway trends, we also believe the Addamscore aesthetic translates beautifully into furniture, home design and accessories, especially in the months ahead. While this look certainly isn’t for everyone (and its polarizing nature is part of its appeal), we think pops of dark glamor or a swathe of glossy black paint are welcome additions to any home for fall. . The best part? With the right application, these Addams Family-inspired additions look dark, sexy and enduring, not like chintzy themed decor. Here, our 10 favorite Addamscore house finds.

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